Diamond Shape

It is normal to mistake the shape for the cut of a precious stone, as they can be equivalent words. All in all, what is the distinction among shape and cut? Shape alludes to a precious stone’s structure, the diagram of the jewel (for example round, emerald, pad) while cut depicts how well cut a precious stone is (for example amazing, extremely great, great).

While picking a precious stone shape, it is great to consider your accomplice’s close to home style, hand shape and size.

What are the different diamond shapes?



Round Brilliant

One of, if not the most mainstream shape, a round splendid contains 58 aspects including the culet. This superb shape it is symmetrical 360-degree, making an exceptional show of light.

A round splendid will work with pretty much every setting, from great solitaires to complicated vintage plans. This outline is ideal for the individuals who are searching for a great shape with a wonderful shimmer.



The princess shape is the second most prevalent style, after the round splendid, on account of its square and clean lines, which allow this great shape with a cutting edge bend look.

In the event that you are searching for a square shape with a similar shimmer as the round brilliant, at that point the princess is ideal for you.




The marquise cut is a thin shape with pointed finishes. This shape will assist the shaper with maximizing the carat inside the setting, making it look bigger than an equivalent and it likewise will in general complement the length of the fingers, influencing it to seem longer.



This shape is a definitive image of affection. The outline of this precious stone shape copies a heart and, as it occurs with Pear and Marquise shapes, it should be symmetrical to make an amazing shimmer.




The particularity of this shape is that it combines the modern look of a square cut with soft and rounded edges which gives Cushion shapes of a romantic and delicate feel. This cut, also known as the old mine cut, has been around for over 200 years, making it a timeless design.



The pear shape includes an adjusted edge on one side and a decreasing point at the contrary end, taking after a ‘tear’. So as to accomplish an incredible shimmer, pear slices must be symmetrical.

This female outline will make your fingers look slim and prolonged.



This shape is proportional and has the splendor of the splendid cut. On account of its extended shape, the oval cuts will emphasize long and thin fingers. The oval shape is likewise a most loved among royals, for example, the rings of Princess Diana – and Kate Middleton – and Meghan Markle.


A variation of the emerald cut, Asscher shape is square with distinctive cut corners, which gives the diamond a geometrical feel. This beautiful shape works perfectly with vintage designs.




This shape combines the classic emerald cut with the amazing sparkle of the round brilliant cut. Radiant cuts can be either square or rectangular, always with blocked corners.




The emerald shape has an elegant and aristocratic feel, which makes it perfect for those who like regal styles.